HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! (a limerick)

A day to celebrate Dad!
88 years he’s had
His heart is so BIG
I’m dancing a jig
His light in my life makes me GLAD

Dad was a Hop on Pop Pop
He'd play with us ‘til we’d drop
He’d chase us to bed,
sweet dreams in our head
The fun was mostly non-stop

Our family.  I'm the small, cute one.

Music is one of Dad’s loves
It’s one of his gifts from above
Piano and singing,
Christmas bells ringing
They warm his heart like a glove

Dad and the one-eyed cat, Oscar

Dad served the Navy with pride
Interesting....so did his bride
They've had a great life
Sixty years - little strife 
He's very blessed, he'll confide

His grand kids - there are eleven
Two great grand kids – it’s heaven
One is near three
The other - it's wee
Still in the womb.  Anne…or Kevin?  

Dad has a sweet tooth, for sure
To date, we’ve not found a cure
Brownies and pies,
They light up his eyes
 He always wants more, not fewer

A blessed day to you, Pops!
As fathers go, you're the TOPS
I'll love you so much
I'll take to lunch
Stay out of trouble - no cops.

The End. 


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Dad's eyes could light up a room with that brownie in his mouth. But what is that thing on his left eyebrow? A bandage that is falling off?

Anonymous said...

The 'bandage' is the handle of the door. It's lined up in such a way that it looks like it's attached to Dad's head. :-)