Recycled (but golden) Sentiments


Did you buy a card for a loved one today?

According to Hallmark, 141 million greeting cards are exchanged today.  Whoa.

My husband and I have exchanged cards over the years, for various holidays, but for quite a while now...we've not been excited about the card options out there.   

They're too trite, poem-y, or musical.  And not enough monkeys.   

We came to this conclusion the same year, which I thought was very cool.  

However...in August, for my husband's birthday (I'll get back to Valentine's day in a sec)...I found the perfect card.  

A monkey card.  It was a winner with a capital "W."  I laughed out loud.  I love it.  It's so US.

He loved it too.  We displayed in on the piano until Christmas.  That's how much we like it. 

Then he tucked it in his dresser drawer, where he puts favorite treasures. 

I pulled it out this week because...I'm giving it to him again for Valentine's day. 

I covered up the birthday sentiments and wrote a Valentine message.  

It's simply the best card I will ever find.  I'll probably recycle it again for our anniversary. 

I may have to laminate it at some point, so it doesn't wear out.  It's a keeper.  And, clearly, a re-gift. 

Here it is.  Don't mention it, because I haven't given it to him yet.  (Well...not for this holiday.)

...and the inside...


:-)        :-)        :-) 

You're smiling, aren't 'cha?  Is that the best, or what?  

Heart-tugging sweet.  

After 35 years, it just says it all.  

That, and a pan of brownies.

Here's hoping you have a monkey-card moment with your loved ones today.

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