HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM! (a limerick)

The thirty-first of December
our family gained a new member
We all celebrated!
He was so belated
His first due date - can't remember

He was a chunker - 9.3
Ten fingers, ten toes, two knees
His folks named him Jim
He grew tall and slim 
He always loved to climb trees

Jim was the kid who did tinker
with things that were on the blinker
He also did Crew
and drank Mountain Dew
A really good kid - not a stinker

Jim has a mind for computers
For problems, he's like Roto-rooter
He'll scavenge and fix
He knows all the tricks
He could revive a dead scooter

Jim loves his very first house
It came with great trees, but no mouse
He's handy, it's cozy 
The neighbors aren't nosy
With upkeep, he doesn't grouse

Jimbo - a very fine son -
His birthday is on 31
He's humble and kind
He'd help hang your blinds
and clean up the mess when he's done

Every year ends on Jim's day
Forever, it will be that way
He'll shut down this year
with prob'ly a beer
and brothers or friends who should pay

The End. 

Happy, happy day, Jimbo!  
Love from the Ballpark (and Goldberg)


Jim Pratt said...

This is my favorite limerick of all time!

Thanks so much Aunt Marianne!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Love this, Marianne.

That baby picture is great!

And there's Marshall Dillon!

terri said...

Love it, Mare! Beautifully said of my son number 1, turning 31!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Marianne! And happy birthday (again!) to Jim. :)


Unknown said...

A+ Marianne!! You sure did a perfect job describing Jim! Such creative talent!!!!!

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Thanks for the nice remarks. It's a joy to write when you have a good subject. Jim is a sweetheart. :-)