With kids back in school, I got to thinking about bagged lunches.   I pack my husband's lunch and recently started packing for our teacher/daughter.  Kids' lunches might be different than adults, but I've learned a few things that help, no matter whom you're feeding.    

1.  When making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spread pb on BOTH sides of the bread so the jelly is stuck in the middle and doesn’t sog up the bread.    

2.  You have to have “chips” of some kind, even if it’s pretzels or croutons.   

3.  Celery sticks, never eaten at home, are suddenly a lunch bag favorite: “They’re crunchy.”

4.  Warm grapes aren’t very good.   

5.  Frozen brownies thaw by noon and are always a favorite.

6.  Canned pears in a small plastic bowl hold up better than loose, fresh ones.   Fresh pears roll around and bump into the sandwich case and get bruised by lunch time.

7.  Aluminum foil is better than plastic wrap because when you unfold it, you have a little plate with stand-up edges.

8.  When packing a meatloaf sandwich, wrap the bread separately and include some little ketchup packets from McDonalds.

9.  Be sure to put celery in the chicken salad. 

10.  Bananas come out of the bag darker than when you put them in.    

11.  Egg salad stinks up the whole bag.   

12.  Carrots are nice, but they’re not celery.

13.  Soft tortillas with grated cheese and any kind of leftover can be rolled up and viewed as something "new."   A well-dried leaf of Romaine lettuce placed on the tortilla first will keep the tortilla from getting soggy.

14.  Oranges, sliced in rings and then sliced again in half moons will get eaten over a whole, unpeeled orange.

15. Chocolate raisins are going to partially melt together and come out of their little plastic tub looking like a mound of rabbit poop, so put them in a baggie so they roll around more and have less contact.

Who knew.

For great lunch box ideas, check out this Pinterest page and the many links there: 

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Happy packing! 

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