What I'd Like to Give Up for Lent

Today is the first day of Lent.  I've thought about it all week, wondering what I could do this Easter season to better myself.  There are so many options.  Traditionally, my thinking is, "what should I give up?"

Here are few things that came to mind.
1.  I'd like to give up cleaning toilets.  If those little scrubbing bubble guys on TV were real, I'd have a dozen of them living in the linen closet.  Once a week, I'd snap, "hop to, boys," and that would be it.

2.  I'd like to give up my saddle bags.  I'd love to just slice them off and fling them into the recycle bin.  Fresh lard ought be to good for something.

3. I'd love to give up going to the grocery store.  It seems so futile.  We eat up everything, and I just have to go back.  Sometimes twice a day.  We should get points for this somewhere.

4.  I'd like to give up the stairs in my house.  I want a one-level.  I'm so tired of the ups and downs.  Although, without them, I suppose my saddle bags would be baggier.

5. I'd love to give up chasing the occasional lizard around my house.  I live in Florida, where lizards think they own the place, so I don't imagine I'll ever be free of them.  If they just knew I was trying to get them outside into the sunshine and grass, I'm sure they'd cooperate.  But, they scurry under the sofas and beds until, a month later, I find lizard remains.   They're fast, but they're not very smart.

6.  I'd love to give up joint pain.  It's so annoying.  It slows me down and makes me groan like I'm 90. I've got over three decades before I'm 90.  What in the world am I going to feel like then?

7.  I'd like to give up mammograms.  I get so cold in that paper dress, and the tech never gets a good first picture, so we have to repeat the squishing.  It's an odd little X-ray that men will never understand.  We should get roses after every test.  Or a new, warm sweater.  I know mammos save lives, so even though I'd like to give them up, I won't.

8.  I'd love to give up partially hydrogenated oils.  They're the worst thing we can eat, but they're in everything.  I read labels, and I try, but it's exhausting.  And, I'm sorry, but a carrot is not a satisfying substitute for a doughnut (which eventually turns into a saddlebag.)

9.  I'd like to give up balancing the checkbook every month.  It's all math, which is like a foreign language to me, and I never know where to begin to find any discrepancies.  It gives me a headache.

10.  I'd like to give up thinking I'm ever going to lose fifteen pounds.  I've been trying to do it since 2004.  I need to move on.

Instead, I'm going to work on some other things.  Attitudes and perspectives, things I don't want to share here, because if I fail to improve, you might say, "hey, I thought you were going to stop doing such and such, and you're still doing it."  I want to avoid that.

So, here's to forty days of trying to work out some bugs in my character.  Hopefully, by Easter, I'll be a new man.  Er, woman.

Do you observe Lent?  If so, what are you doing?



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like your lists of things it would be nice to give up. Most of the rest of us would like to do the same. As for my 40+ days of Lent, I'm trying to get the things I focus on in the proper perspective. If I don't better myself it won't be because I'm not trying.

Juli said...

welp... I started the day giving up sugar, until I ate strawberries lightly dusted in sugar for breakfast. So I moved on to chocolate until I realized the ice cream sundae I had at lunch was loaded with sugar AND chocolate.

And then it hit me, literally in the face, SNOW. I'm giving up all things enjoyable about snow.

And maybe complaining about/at Tony. maybe. :)

Christine said...

I'm with you on everything. Well, except the lizards. We don't have lizards, but I'd like to give up bats and mice. Really, what are we going to be at 70 even, when we groan so much already?
Good luck becoming better. :)

Joanne said...

I was never good at observing Lent. I have been thinking alot about it lately though.
Graet post!
Blessings, Joanne

Creations By Cindy said...

Enjoyed your post. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jen Forbes said...

I always do the no meat on Fridays ash Wed. I don't usually do much else, maybe give up one thing that I like. Love your take it's very creative.

Oddly enough one Lent I learned the roots of my joint pain. Soda! Gave it up for Lent, joint pain went away. Good riddance soda...
Thank You God..

btw..Mare I'm with you on the doughnuts.

Marianne said...

I like your original give-up list better than anything. I'm giving up on hope that winter will ever end. Oh, and also gum.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I'd like to join you in your list! However, like you there are some ideas are more practical, like spending a bit more time with my devotions in the morning, biting my tongue instead of someone's head when I feel stressed and giving more to good causes like the local food bank. Great post, Mare!

orneryswife said...

cute list! :) We don't celebrate/observe lent, but a couple of years we were self-aggrandizing and sacrificed a few things because everyone around us was. The only thing I ever really gave up (which lasted way beyond the 40 days) is Dr. Pepper. Best decision I ever made! I haven't had one for over 14 years. I feel like I should get a medal or a pin or something! :)

Stacey Lozano said...

Oh you made me giggle so much! :D

Rita said...

LOL! This was a great list!! You made my day! :)

Rita said...

LOL! This was a great list!! You made my day! :)

Danielle L Zecher said...

I love the idea of having the scrubbing bubbles living in the closet. :-)

Andrea said...

Aaaaah! That list is awesome, and here I went with giving up procrastinating! Happy to see you a-z'ing!

C Feild said...

Great list! I enjoy your writing!

Ann Hinds said...

I wish we celebrated Lent so I could give up the same things.You made me smile.

Sharybary said...

I'm just over via the A to Z Challenge and this caught my eye. I gave up cookies for Lent, and that was a really big deal to me. I haven't really missed them, but prior to March 5th, I was eating several every night. I think I've lost some weight! Yay! I also am decluttering for Lent and ongoing according to "40 Bags in 40 Days." It has been quite the adventure, and I'm not even Catholic! Anyone hear giving up for Lent who is not Catholic?
A good day to all!