8 Things I've Learned from Caretaking

I'm guest posting today over at BLOGS by CHRISTIAN WOMEN. 

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I write a lot about caretaking, because I spend much of my time helping my parents.  As I've written here before, it's a challenging, but sacred endeavor.  My guest post is about what God has taught me throughout the process.

As women, we all take care of somebody.  Check out the 8 THINGS I'VE LEARNED FROM CARETAKING.  You might relate, no matter whom you're taking care of.


beingwoven.org said...

I am grateful that I got an email from "Blogs by Christian Women" for I was a caregiver for 15 years to my mother. Your words did not send me aware with thoughts of sadness or gloominess. I have been where you are and walked out of the senior residence (5 years there), or the ALF (5 years there) or the nursing home (another 5 years there) and looked to the heavens and called out, "How long, O LORD?" So many times. It was not that I was wanting Mama to die, but how much more should she have to suffer. It was not about me. It was to watch her go down the slippery slope ever-so-slowly, bringing on sadness on my part. My Mama lived to 98, almost 99. She also had dementia plus diabetes, took a terrible fall that shattered an ankle and lower leg bone that took away her walking and put her in a wheelchair from then on. That is when the nursing home became her home. She was a special woman and I am thankful to have had her near for those years. She has only been gone for 14 months now so I am still missing her terribly, but she is with the LORD now and I know that for sure. Praising Him!
These words of yours truly ring true in my heart for I know where you are. I have walked a similar road.
"What I’ve now accepted is this – until my folks are in heaven, God is going to keep giving me things to do. I’m the one He has placed in this position, and if I trust Him, I will be OK. So the question becomes, daily – do I trust Him? (Yes, I do.)"
My Mama would have liked your ballpark theme of your blog. She grew up in Chicago and remained a Cubs fan until the end. The ALF and nursing home facilities would take the residents to our AAA baseball team games and she loved it; I loved being with her there even though I had not been a ball fan in my younger days (she certainly tried to make me one in San Diego at those Padre games! : )).
"This season of my life will end. I don’t know what God will ask me to do then, but I pray I will be unafraid. He is leading me though this unexpected journey, and I believe He will continue to guide me in whatever adventure He has lined up next." Yes, He will take you through this season and into the next. I, too, taught and now am tutoring first grade children and loving it. I just began in late November, but God knew the perfect timing for the next season and directed me to this next adventure!
I will hold you and your dear parents in my prayers, Marianne.
Should you visit "Being Woven," my blog, search for "caregiving" and "Mother's Day" and you will find some of my former posts on this topic. I am here for you, my sister in Christ.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

Sharon Himsl said...

Very nice site. I'll be back in the A-Z. Stop by mine for some 'yummy fruit' and a bit of fun.

Rita said...

What a wonderful, honest, loving post!! I love the picture of your mom and dad!! I can see both of them in your smiling face. :)