Being Three

When I get too bogged down with the holidays, or traveling, or just trying to keep the house straight, it's refreshing to have our curly-cute, three-year old friend come visit.   

She was here yesterday as Miss Scooter-Ballerina-Princess. 

She's the most self-assured person I know.   I don't know anyone else who could pull off this outfit.

She and my daughter read Bible stories about a boy who wanted all his pennies from his father and then went to live with some pigs.  They read about some fishermen who weren't catching any fish, and a short guy named Zaccheus who liked to climb trees.

They read from the same book I read from when my kids were young.

Some pages look better than others.

Yes, that hideous black stripe is duct tape.  I guess they didn't make clear duct tape twenty-five years ago.  If they did, I didn't know about it. 

Anyhoo...Miss Scooter-Ballerina-Princess didn't mind the tape and misshapen pages.  She wondered only why all the noses were just lines. 

After dinner, she demonstrated some gymnastic moves.

Mary Lou Retton started out flopping over her sofa, so you never know.

Life is so fascinating when you're three.

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